Building up the common good through our charitable outreach - offering our time, our resources and our love to those who need them most - inviting others to join us in our charitable work.

Caritas sub group


Fr Srinu Bonthu, Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Rednal
Andy Quinn, CEO Father Hudsons Care
Sr Margaret Walsh, Founder of Hope, St Chad’s Sanctuary and Brushstrokes
Sonia Lloyd, St Vincent de Paul
Rev Daniel Hurd, Deacon and member of Cenacolo
Fr Michael White, Chair of Caritas Archdiocese of Birmingham


  • To support and facilitate social action in and around our parish communities and wider community.
  • To encourage laity and clergy to see social action as vital to discipleship
  • To have social action embedded in all areas of Diocesan life (Bishops' Council, Deaneries, seminary, lay formation, parish development plans, Diocesan budgets…)
  • That each parish and its school(s) work together to develop the ministry of Caritas
  • To encourage the development of Deanery or Diocesan projects

Current Work

  • Updating audit of all social action in parishes in the Archdiocese
  • Establishing links with each deanery via a network of Deacons
  • Helping with formation of those going forward for diaconate
  • Preparing vision document for parishes and deaneries
  • Liaising with Formation group with regard to lay leaders engaging in social action work