Nurturing future Catholic leaders in our churches and schools by providing both spiritual and pastoral formation and support – helping us to play an active role in the parish community - helping us to understand more about our faith so as to deepen our personal relationship with God.

Formation sub group


Alex Parker, Parish Catechist
Deacon Nick St John, Leadership and co-responsibility
Clare Ford, Kenelm Youth Trust
Richard Smith, Diocesan Education Service
Anna Howard, Kenelm Youth Trust
Amanda Orchard, Maryvale Institute


  • To draw on the General Directory for Catechesis to provide a rationale for formation in the Archdiocese
  • To secure a framework of formation for catechists
  • To produce documentation that supports the strategic development of formation in the Archdiocese
  • To learn from each other and work together in the production and review of documentation
  • To produce ‘signposts for formation’ within (and outside of) the Archdiocese that can be accessed by deaneries and parishes as part of resourcing their strategic planning
  • To produce a document which describes the ‘features of formation’ and underlines the importance of the ministry of the catechist and accompaniment as part of the formation process
  • To provide a formation framework to assist deaneries and parishes in their planning for the provision of formation at every stage of life and faith development with a particular focus on marriage, family and youth formation
  • Highlight areas of specialist formation e.g. parental catechesis, youth ministry, hospital/hospice chaplaincy, prison ministry, Ecumenism, interreligious dialogue, school chaplaincy.

Current work

We are currently working on a document that identifies the 'features of formation' that would hopefully characterise formation, in whatever setting it was taking place.

The eight features of formation are: Invitational, Fraternal, Prayer, Encounter, Evangelisation, Conversion, Catechesis, and Vocation.

We are also gathering 'signposts for formation' which will give information about resource providers within and outside of the Archdiocese.


Bachelor of Divinity and the Licence in Divinity programmes

Maryvale Higher Institute of Religious Sciences (HIRS) offers the Bachelor of Divinity and the Licence in Divinity programmes.

The Maryvale HIRS is the only ecclesial institute of this kind in the English-speaking world. It operates both the B.Div and Licence Programmes.

The Ecclesiastical BDiv is a five-year part-time, collaborative-learning degree programme in Catholic theology providing a comprehensive exposition and analysis of Christian doctrine based on the study of the sacred Scriptures, the works of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and the documents of the Magisterium.

The Licence in Divinity: Pathway in Catechetical Sciences is another qualification of the Holy See, distinct from an STL, It is a three-year, part-time, programme aimed at those in leadership positions in catechetics and in other positions of responsibility.

Bachelor of Divinity Course Information Brochure

Licence in Divinity Course Information Brochure