The name of the charity is Birmingham Diocesan Trust, registration number 234216. The charity, in its day to day dealings, is also known as the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

Key documents

Birmingham Diocesan Trust Financial Statements 2017

Board of Trustees

Chair: Archbishop Bernard Longley

Archbishop Bernard Longley, 9th Archbishop of Birmingham, is Chair of the Bishops’ Conference Department of Dialogue and Unity and Episcopal Liaison to the Travellers’ Issues Working Group.

Archbishop Longley also sits on the Mixed Commission of the Conference of Religious. Archbishop Longley was appointed by Pope Benedict as a member of the Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelization and the co-Chairman of the Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC), with oversight of the third phase of Anglican-Catholic dialogue.

Jacqui Francis

Jacqui's consultancy, AdinaMay, provides specialist recruitment services. She brings a constructive external perspective to senior recruitment campaigns for ministerial appointments, executive and non-executive roles and membership of regulators and expert bodies.

Jacqui is a member of the Judicial Appointments Commission recruitment panels and she serves on the Bar Standards Board, Independent Appointments Panel. Locally she is a Citizen Member of Birmingham City Council - Independent Remuneration Panel. Jacqui is a previous ministerial appointee Lay Adviser on the West Midlands Strategic Management Board responsible for public protection arrangements. Jacqui also volunteers at PAUSE a mental health drop-in centre for young people.

Professor Deirdre Kelly

Deirdre is the Founding Director of the Liver Unit, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Professor of Paediatric Hepatology at University of Birmingham. Deirdre has extensive Board and Charity Trustee experience as an executive and a non-executive in healthcare, professional, voluntary and civic settings.

Deirdre continues to work as a paediatrician and is on the Council of the General Medical Council and a Trustee of Breast Cancer UK. She is married to Sir Ian Byatt and has two sons and three grandchildren.

Deacon David Palmer BA (Financial Control) FCA CTA MCIPD (Trustee and Treasurer)

An experienced financial professional, who having worked at senior levels in the Finance and the Computer Services industries, specialised for over twenty years in management training in the practical understanding and utilisation of financial information.

After Ordination as a Permanent Deacon in 2007, he has increasingly devoted more time to voluntary work in the Catholic Church as an Evangelist, Deacon and Trustee.

He is also a Trustee of Oscott College, Maryvale Institute, Sehion Ministries and The Venerable English College Trust. He is married with one daughter and four granddaughters.

Sub Committees

Finance and Property

Members: Archbishop Bernard Longley (Chair), Bishop David McGough, Bishop William Kenney, Mgr Timothy Menezes, Deacon David Palmer, Fr Stephen Wright, David Brooks.

Meets on a fortnightly basis to consider and take major decisions on property and financial issues.

Terms of Reference for this committee are under revision as it is intended it should be reformed into two Committees (one dealing with Finance, and one with Property) in the near future.

Care of Clergy

Members: Fr Paul Fitzpatrick (Chair), Mgr Timothy Menezes, Canon Michael Neylon,  Fr Pat Brennan, Fr Paul Johnson, Deacon David Palmer, Deacon Michael McKearney, Deacon Paul O’Connor,  David Brooks, Pat Deeley,  Bernard Cooper, Sr Luke Lennon.

Meets twice a year to consider and take major decisions on issues relating to clergy welfare, including retired clergy.

Care of Clergy Committee Terms of Reference 


Members: Bishop David McGough (Chair),  Mgr Timothy Menezes, Deacon David Palmer, David Brooks. Gerry Dryden, Fr Michael Dolman, James O’Hara, Con McHugh, Faye Fawcett, Caroline Bletso.      

Meets quarterly to consider and take major decisions on communications issues.

Communications Committee Terms of Reference


Members: Bishop David McGough (Chair),   Mgr Timothy Menezes, Fr Jonathan Veasey, Adam Hardy, Deacon David Palmer, Clare O'Brien, David Brooks.

Meets quarterly to consider and take major decisions on educational matters as implemented through the Diocesan Education Services.

Education Committee Terms of Reference


Members: Deacon David Palmer (Chair), Chris Loughran, Mgr Timothy Menezes, David Brooks, Steve Roche.

Meets three times a year to consider and take major decisions on investment issues in conjunction with the Diocese's Investment Managers.

Investment Committee Terms of Reference


Members: Deacon David Palmer (Chair), Mgr Timothy Menezes, Jacqui Francis , David Brooks Gerry Dryden, Steve Roche.

Meets twice a year to consider and take major decisions on issues relating to employee matters - recruitment, evaluation of pay structures etc.

Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference

The Safeguarding Commission

Members: Elizabeth Fisher (Chair), Mgr Timothy Menezes, Prof Deirdre Kelly, Fr Stephen Wright, Fr Richard Walker, Sr Teresa Billington, Fr Evarist Sunday, Janet Tibbits, Angela Randle, Michelle McLoughlin, Dawn Williams, Stu Bill, Andrew Haley, Sarah Fullard, Jacqui Oliver, Fiona O’Reilly, Sukhy Gill                        

Meets quarterly to consider and take major decisions on safeguarding matters as implemented through the Safeguarding Department.

Terms of Reference