Our mission is to serve the people living within the Archdiocese, supporting parish priests and the people in our parish and school communities to worship and live according to Gospel values and to evangelise within their local communities through the witness of their lives.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham extends from Stoke in the North to the Thames in the South. See the Parish Boundary Map for the full area covered.

It includes seven cities and five counties; an area with over five million people.

It serves a Catholic population of c. 450,000 through a network of 217 parishes and some 240 schools.

There are some 250 Diocesan priests (50 are in retirement) assisted by some 80 Permanent Deacons.

Under Church Law the Parishes are grouped into 18 Deaneries which themselves are grouped into three Areas - each being overseen by an Auxiliary Bishop responsible for the Area.