Lourdes Pilgrimage 2024

Press the play button on the top right of the image above to watch breathtaking drone footage of the Sanctuary at Lourdes. Courtesy of Drone Presta. 

Monday 27 May to Saturday 1 June 2024


The annual Diocesan pilgrimage will be returning to Lourdes under the leadership of His Grace, Archbishop Bernard Longley and Bishop David Evans.

Please pray for all those considering joining this year’s pilgrimage to Lourdes, as they will be praying for you.

You can view photos and other coverage from the 2023 pilgrimage under the Lourdes Daily box below.

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Join the Music Ministry in Lourdes

Whether you enjoy singing or plan to bring an instrument, The Lourdes Music Ministry Team would love you to join them on pilgrimage this year. No prior experience needed, and commit to whatever you feel you can do. 

To receive a full list of sheet music contact Jobe Sullivan at [email protected]

Everyone is welcome to join the Choir or Music Group. Please attend each venue at least 20 minutes beforehand to rehearse.  

Musiscians are encouraged to bring their instruments.

'Why Lourdes?'

In a series of six short videos pilgrims share their experiences of why they made the journey to Lourdes, as we look ahead to this year's Diocesan Pilgrimage.

From school students to carers, nurses and doctors, all of our volunteers play a crucial role in delivering a successful pilgrimage. Could you be one this year? Scroll down to find the videos.

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  • Hospitaliers (non-medical helpers)

    APPLY NOW FOR 2024 Handmaids and Brancardiers work with all the other Hospitalite members to ensure the smooth running of the pilgrimage. They help care for assisted pilgrims, whose spiritual needs are the main focus of the Pilgrimage Read more

  • Lourdes Daily

    Relive this year's coverage of the 2024 Lourdes pilgrimage #Brum2Lourdes Read more

  • Lourdes Programme 2024

    Pilgrimage daily schedule Read more

  • Nurses and Doctors

    APPLY NOW FOR 2024 Every year the diocese brings assisted pilgrims to Lourdes, a pilgrimage that they cannot make without the support from the wonderful doctors, nurses and carers who come with us Read more

  • Pilgrimage theme

    The theme for 2024 is – “…and that people should come in procession.” Read more

  • Why Lourdes?

    A series of videos on why we make the pilgrimage to Lourdes Read more