Handmaids and Brancardiers work with all the other Hospitalite members (nurses, doctors, carers etc) to ensure the smooth running of the pilgrimage. They help to care for assisted pilgrims, whose spiritual needs are the main focus of the Pilgrimage.

The roles are multifunctional and cover both practical and spiritual areas.

Working with the Pilgrimage brings a great reward – the joy of assisting pilgrims to experience Lourdes. Lourdes is a wonderful place, full of love, sharing and caring.  Here friendships are made in a moment and last a lifetime.

You must be prepared to attend training sessions as arranged to meet the statutory and logistical requirements associated with the role.

Duties include:

  • Working en-route making pilgrims comfortable.
  • Help and assist pilgrims with baggage and equipment during their travel to/from Lourdes.
  • Assist the Senior Hospitalite Team with loading and unloading of equipment and movement of pilgrims at departure and arrival points, airports, train stations, ferry terminals and Accueil.
  • Serve meals to pilgrims in the restaurant and in wards.
  • Help with eating where necessary.
  • Re lay tables and clean restaurant after use.
  • Make beds, clean rooms and bathrooms.
  • Wash clothing when required.
  • Accompany pilgrims to all Masses and services.
  • Escort pilgrims to the baths.
  • Provide refreshments at other times of the day to pilgrims.
  • Help pilgrims at bedtime.
  • Follow the spiritual programme of the pilgrimage
  • Outside their duty rota many handmaids accompany pilgrims shopping.

To apply

To apply as a Handmaid or Brancardier, please fill in the booking form as usual, making a note that you wish to volunteer as a handmaid/brancardier.

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