Lourdes Pilgrimage 2022.

Saturday 28 May - Friday 3 June

We are delighted that the Annual Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes is returning in person this year, on what will be our 80th pilgrimage.

You can see photos and other daily updates under the Lourdes Daily box below, and can join us virtually at the Grotto Mass on Monday 30th May, live streamed by Lourdes TV (link in Lourdes Schedule).

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Blessing of Hands Mass Sunday 22 May

The Blessing of Hands Mass for the Lourdes pilgrimage takes place at St Chad's Cathedral on Sunday 22 May at 2pm. You can watch the live stream on the Cathedral website.

Mass Booklet

Cathedral website

New Bishop of Tarbes and Lourdes to be ordained on May 29

The Diocese of Tarbes and Lourdes has been appointed a new bishop. Meet Mgr. Jean-Marc Micas.

Mgr. Micas was born in 1963. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1991 in the diocese of Toulouse and is currently Provincial of the Company of St Sulpice. Mgr. Micas has served as diocesan chaplain of the Eucharistic Youth Movement, as well as being in charge of diocesan vocations.

He will be ordained bishop on Sunday, 29th May 2022 in the Underground Basilica of St. Pius X in the Sanctuary of Lourdes, and will take up his seat at the cathedral of Tarbes the following day. May Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Bernadette guide and protect you, Mgr. Micas.

Every year the diocese brings sick pilgrims to Lourdes, a pilgrimage that they cannot make without the support from the wonderful doctors and nurses who come with us. Without your expertise we cannot give as many pilgrims the wonderful experience of Lourdes.

This is an opportunity for you to do something new and to make a real difference for these travellers. 


Lucy Mitchell- student nurse

Lucy chose Lourdes as her elective for university.

“I felt Lourdes offered a different experience. Patients wouldn't be able to come without the help of nursing teams. It’s something spiritual for them to experience which we don't really get in the hospital I'm used to.

“You can see why people keep coming back, volunteering and coming every year in their own time. It's been a great experience so far.”

Tamzyn, Libby and Melissa - student nurses

Tamzyn, Libby and Melissa are all from Keele University and they chose Lourdes as their elective for different reasons. Listen to their thoughts on the 2019 pilgrimage and why they chose Lourdes.


The role of a doctor in Lourdes is very different from your professional role at home. The sick on a pilgrimage present with existing diagnoses and treatment plans prior to travel, and the role of the doctor is to help replicate these.

Changes in a pilgrim's condition are normally either predictable within the context of their disease and of the pilgrimage, and therefore can be viewed as a predictable aspect of the existing treatment plan, or are completely unexpected, where the role of the doctor would be to signpost the pilgrim appropriately. 

Doctors are a valuable addition to a clinical team in Lourdes.

You can offer:

Clinical decision-making: This is extremely important for the more complex pilgrim, and not having doctors means that we may not be able to take pilgrims with more complex issues.

Leadership: Of course many nurses have good leadership skills, but doctors have credibility as authority figures so can more easily provide clinical leadership where there is differing views about the best course of action within the pilgrimage.

Governance and working as a doctor in Lourdes


Carers, whether new to the role or returning will need to fill in the same application form sections as nurses and doctors so that our Chief Nurse can ensure we have the right balance of clinical skills to care for the Accueil Pilgrims that we take with us. 


Doctors, nurses and carers, please use the application form below

Nursing team application

Please send your completed form to the Lourdes Pilgrimage Office:

Tel & Fax: 0121 230 6288

Lourdes Pilgrimage Office
Cathedral House
St Chad’s Queensway
B4 6EX

Email: [email protected]