Statement from the Birmingham Faith Leaders’ Group

One Month on from the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

After one month of War in Ukraine, following the unprovoked attack by Russian forces, the Birmingham Faith Leaders’ Group expresses its abhorrence of this conflict.

We deplore the atrocities inflicted upon the civilian populations of Ukraine, which have seen a number of Ukrainian cities largely or completely destroyed by aerial bombing.

We call upon people in Birmingham to continue to pray for peace and reconciliation in whatever way may be possible, and to work actively to welcome all new and previous displaced refugees who may need to settle in this city. As a City of Sanctuary, Birmingham has a long and proud tradition of welcoming those who have sought refuge from war, conflict, fear and danger in their own countries. Please do consider donating to the charities and good causes raising essential funds to support all those affected.

We also urge our communities to act with care and consideration in what they might do or say on the situation in Ukraine, thereby avoiding misunderstanding and conflict between communities in this city. We value the presence of both Ukrainian and Russian communities in Birmingham, where both can find peace and acceptance. The impact of the war is having a ripple effect directly and indirectly on so many communities and we call on all to exercise an abundance of compassion, humility, love, solidarity and peaceful neighbourliness during these challenging times.