As the crisis in Ukraine continues our efforts to support those who have fled their homeland remains steadfast and so we’re issuing a fresh appeal for hosts.

Our existing hosts generously offered a period of six months accommodation to Ukrainian guests - and in some cases that will soon be coming to an end as not all hosts are in a position to continue hosting.

Some families arrived during June, July and August and so are fast approaching the end of that six-month period and may be looking for new hosts from January or February 2023 onwards.

They are not looking to move because of a breakdown between host and guest, but because the six-month accommodation offer has been fulfilled.

Therefore we are asking other hosts to step forward and offer a second period of support from early in 2023.

Fr Craig Fullard, parish priest of the St John Henry Newman Parish, and his family are hosts to the Dorunda family:

"It has been a joy to welcome the family to the UK and to support them as best as possible as they come to terms with having to leave Ukraine," said Fr Craig.

"They have settled into our home well and have certainly done everything they could to make sure it goes as well as possible. Of course it has meant that our family life has had to alter in some ways but it has more than anything been an enriching experience."

If you are able to host an individual/family please email Liudmyla Sadova, Ukrainian Refugees’ Support Coordinator, at [email protected] or ring Father Hudson’s Care on 01675 434000, Monday - Friday, 8.30am – 5pm.

Liudmyla will be able to advise what areas the current families live in and whether any of them are in your Local authority area. It is important the families stay in the area they have got used to, where they may be working or where their child might be attending school.

Alternatively, if you wish to offer accommodation to an individual or family who has not yet arrived from Ukraine, but is trying to flee, our national association, Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN) has set up a new scheme together with the St John of God’s Hospitaller Services (SJOG).

You can find more information here

What's it like being a Host Family?

Main photograph: Father Craig Fullard and family with the Dorunda family.

Photos of our Ukrainian guests across the Archdiocese

Below: Serhii, Yuliia, Nazar and host Gillian White at a recent Park Run. Yuliia’s second time and Serhii and Nazar on their first run. Dame Kelly Holmes was there and she obliged and managed a selfie with us all!

Below: From host Jo Jackson. This is a photo of us all celebrating Ukraine Independence Day at speakers corner in Lichfield on 24th August. There were approx 140 Ukraine families with their hosts present. We enjoyed Ukrainian music and they thanked everyone for welcoming them into their homes. Olya is dressed in Ukrainian national costume.

Below: Host Cora Hall and the Portmans family - the very first family welcomed by one of our Diocesan hosts.