A second collection to support the local Diocesan response to those seeking safety in the Archdiocese from  the war in Ukraine

Many parish communities in our Archdiocese have already been most generous in their support – financial and through prayer - for those who are suffering because of the war in Ukraine. Many parishes have supported Caritas organisations in Europe and Ukraine, as well as other international agencies, with generous donations.

You may be aware that over the last five to six weeks there have been many generous offers of accommodation in parishes around the Archdiocese to welcome those who are fleeing the war and are settling, temporarily or even possibly long-term, in Britain.

I have asked parishes to hold a second collection on or around the 14/15 May 2022 to support our ability to respond to the many needs connected with this work of welcome. Any money donated will be held as a restricted fund by Father Hudson’s and will only be used to support any necessary work. You can also donate to this appeal here: Diocesan Ukraine Appeal

It has become clear to the group of Diocesan representatives which meets weekly regarding our response to the crisis in Ukraine, facilitated by Father Hudson’s, that a Diocesan fund is necessary for several reasons:

  • To recruit a worker for up to 6 months who will support the host and refugee families, particularly with the complex Visa and matching process, and then afterwards staying in touch with them and ensuring that they get the full support that they are supposed to get from the local Council and other statutory agencies. Also helping with any of the issues that will undoubtedly arise in such an emotional and complex time. Father Hudson’s would seek to recruit a worker who can speak Ukrainian and/or Russian.
  • It is also clear that some families and individuals who arrive will need destitution support and some of this collection will be used as a crisis fund for this where necessary.
  • Some existing Catholic Ukrainian communities in the Archdiocese may also request some of this funding to enable their work of welcome to thrive.

We have already seen, in St Chad’s Sanctuary, Ukrainian families coming for support as they have not yet received the promised Local Council financial support for basic needs. Our Ukrainian communities in Wolverhampton and Coventry have held successful orientation and community events for Ukrainian refugees, and in Stoke and North Staffs, long standing Ukrainian families are welcoming those now seeking safety.  We want to extend  such support across the Diocese, wherever it is needed.

Should there be any funds remaining once our local Diocesan response is in place and fully working for the time period necessary, these would be given to CAFOD for their support in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries.

I would like to thank Father Hudson’s for their willingness to take on this responsibility, knowing that this is additional to their existing work of sharing in Christ's mission to those experiencing poverty and other forms of disadvantage.

Please add your support if you can in the second collection in your parish or here: Diocesan Ukraine Appeal

 For more information about the Archdiocese of Birmingham's Response to Ukraine, please visit: Diocesan Response to Ukraine