A new podcast celebrates the lives and influence of women in scripture, some of the greatest women of all time.

Natalie Orefice, Advisor for Parish Evangelisation at the Archdiocese of Birmingham presents a monthly podcast with dynamic women from across the Diocese, each focussing on a different woman in the Bible.

It aims to ask and answer who they are and what they can teach us today. Each podcast will be accompanied by extra reading and resources for those who hunger for more.

The podcast is part of the God Who Speaks initiative, helping to deepen our faith and love of the scriptures.

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Supporting materials:

Women in Scripture - book list

Episode 1: Ruth

Women in Scripture - Ruth in Art

Episode 2: Abigail

Women in Scripture - Abigail in Art

Episode 3: Hannah

Women in Scripture - Hannah in Art

Episode 4: Deborah

Women in Scripture - Deborah in Art

Episode 5: Mary

Women in Scripture - Mary in Art

Episode 6: Martha

Women in Scripture - Martha in Art