January Focus - Bible Resolutions

Highlights this month:

Sunday of the Word of God - Resources for Sunday 23 January

Between the Testaments: Take a dazzling look at the book of Revelation in Clothed in White Robes by Fr Michael Hall

Final and 10th Creation Commandment completes the series by Fr Michael Hall: Know that your freedom has limits

Top Ten's

Take a look at these different depictions of angels in art and explore the Bible passages that inspired them.

Our Top Ten Home Quotes
Having spent much more time at home over the last year, we've turned to the Bible to find our top ten quotes about the home.

Resources for Schools

Proverbs Challenge for schools
To celebrate the faith and wisdom of young people we’re inviting pupils to write their own modern-day proverbs. Use our resources and guides for Teachers to help create some brilliant proverbs from around the dioceses.

Proverbs Challenge

School of Wisdom - pupils' proverbs

Mark10Mission team for Primary schools

Diocese of Westminster present a range of Scripture-focused PowerPoints for schools

Home School RE resources


Key Stage 3 and GCSE resources for Secondary schools

Bible and Sacraments posters for Secondary schools

Collective Worship - 12 ideas sheets for primary schools

Introducing St Luke's Gospel (starts Advent 2021 with the new Lectionary year)

Luke's account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ contains some of the most well known Bible stories, parables and teachings.

About the Bible - Luke

Lectio Divina Group through Zoom - presented by Our Lady of the Angels, Nuneaton

For more information email Frances Molloy

Word on the Go: the Bible for busy Catholics 

Getting into the basics of our faith and Scripture.

Word on the Go

Marriage and Family Life initiatives

Marriage Matters

The Word at Home

ACN - Aid to the Church in Need children’s Bible stories’ project