February 2024 Focus: The Journey of Lent

Highlights this month:

Scripture and Science: Is scientific knowledge safe in the hands of a fallen human race? 

Resources for Schools

Proverbs Challenge for schools
To celebrate the faith and wisdom of young people we’re inviting pupils to write their own modern-day proverbs. Use our resources and guides for Teachers to help create some brilliant proverbs from around the dioceses.

Proverbs Challenge

Mark10Mission team for Primary schools


Key Stage 3 and GCSE resources for Secondary schools

Bible and Sacraments posters for Secondary schools

Collective Worship - 12 ideas sheets for primary schools

Lectio Divina Group through Zoom - presented by Our Lady of the Angels, Nuneaton

For more information email Frances Molloy

Word on the Go: the Bible for busy Catholics 

Getting into the basics of our faith and Scripture.

Word on the Go

Marriage and Family Life initiatives

Marriage Matters

The Word at Home

ACN - Aid to the Church in Need children’s Bible stories’ project