It’s not the easiest subject to talk about but we really should.

Death, making a Will, planning your funeral, outlining your legacy.

All of these things come under the spotlight in this year’s ‘Remember a Charity Week’, which runs from Monday 6 to Sunday 12 September. The dedicated week raises the profile of charitable gifts in Wills and leaving a legacy.

The Archdiocese of Birmingham, which includes your parish, is a charitable organisation and one you could consider leaving a gift to.

The Archdiocese has recently relaunched its legacy programme and associated materials, and these are now available from your parish and online here

A gift can be left to the Archdiocese, your parish or to a diocesan charity.

As Catholics we have much to be grateful for, not least for the faith that has sustained us throughout our lives and for the community that is our local parish.

It is in the local parish that our faith has developed and been nurtured, where we have received teaching, inspiration and support. We have much to thank our local parishes for.

Why remember your parish in your Will?

• Leaving a legacy to our parish is the logical continuation of a lifetime of giving.
• It is good stewardship and a simple way to ensure the Catholic faith will live on in future generations.
• It is an affordable way to give. If all of us left a gift of just 1% of our estate, this would make a big difference.
• You don’t need to be rich to help in this way. Many Catholics have already done so, not just those who are better off.
• All gifts in Wills are tax efficient, as no inheritance tax is paid on a gift to the Church.

Support is available in the diocesan Legacy programme, covering instructions for your funeral Mass, Catholic teaching on organ donation and wording for your Will.

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