The generosity of a Malvern parishioner is set to benefit future generations.

A substantial fund of £30,000 bequeathed to the parish of St Joseph’s by the late Mrs Beryl Gaunt has now been gifted to St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.

As a devout and staunch supporter of the Church, Mrs Gaunt, who passed away in January 2018, had requested the monies be used to support the Catholic community in Malvern.

In April 2021 the Parish agreed, with the permission of the Archdiocese, to gift the sum to the school, which sits just opposite the Church.

The gift will contribute to general school funds and ensure more stability after a period of rapid transformation over the last four years.

St Joseph’s is a ‘good’ school, where the pupils achieve and high standards are sustained in all areas from academic results to behaviour.

The most recent Ofsted report (2019) highlighted the caring ethos of the school where the children are at the heart of every decision made.

And the last Section 48 inspection in 2016 noted amongst many other strengths that “The school’s commitment to its Catholic ethos and the importance attributed to all forms of worship ensure that Catholic life is good. This is reflected in the school’s promotion of spiritual and moral development, and in the environment it fosters of care and support for and between pupils” and “Children respond positively to the opportunities provided for them to play an active part in the Catholic life of the school through helping others within and beyond the school community”.

Therese Langford, Headteacher, said: “Despite the school’s strengths and success it currently has a falling roll which has led to a large in year deficit budget.

“Next year is a higher birth year, and the school is hopeful that more will join next September.

“Meanwhile staff are working relentlessly to maintain the very high standards that have been established and provide an excellent education and level of care.

“The staff and Governors of the school are incredibly grateful to the Parish for their support.

“The monies so generously left by Beryl have ensured more stability and so opportunity for the children to receive a quality education at this, the only Catholic school in Malvern.”

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