What has happened in Pakistan?

Record monsoon rains and flash flooding across Pakistan has killed at least 1,100 people so far, with millions more displaced from their homes. Roads, crops, homes and bridges have all been washed away, in a situation described by Pakistan’s climate change minister Shery Rehman as ‘a climate-induced humanitarian disaster of epic proportions.’

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Pray for the people of Pakistan

Thirty million people have been affected by the floods, with 10 million people left homeless.

The local organisation we work alongside in Pakistan has told us that there have been estimates of 1 million houses having been completely washed away, over 200 bridges and roads collapsing, and around 800,000 livestock having perished.

In Sindh province alone, the worst-affected area, the floods have killed more than 300 people, with people seeking out whatever dry patches of ground remain along the area’s narrow streets to pitch temporary shelter. People in the area had hardly started recovering from the shock of losing two seasons' worth of crops to the 2020 monsoons, when their crops were again this year completely destroyed.

What are the needs?

Millions are without food and shelter in the worst-affected areas of Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh provinces. People have lost their homes, their cattle, their lands and their livelihoods, and urgently require humanitarian assistance. Affected communities immediately need clean drinking water, food, emergency medical assistance and shelter.

How is CAFOD responding?

The local Pakistani organisation that CAFOD works with in the area, Community World Service Asia (CWSA), is already responding, with a focus on Sindh, and is meeting with those affected to assess the humanitarian needs. CAFOD has already committed £100,000 to support the emergency response, with CWSA’s emergency response team preparing immediate relief.

How can I help?

Donate to the Pakistan Floods Appeal to support those affected and get funds to local experts who are already working alongside communities helping those most in need. Your gift will support people with immediate food and emergency medical assistance.

These devastating floods come at a time when local communities had already seen their resilience pushed to breaking point by previous monsoon rains.

Donate to the Cafod Pakistan Floods Appeal

Pray for the people of Pakistan

Christine Allen, Director of Cafod said:

This is just one example of how the climate crisis is affecting the world’s poor. In the Horn of Africa, CAFOD is supporting partners who are facing the opposite effect: severe droughts as a result of the failure of the last four rains. Hunger is rife across Kenya, Ethiopian and Somalia, reaching as far as South Sudan. After many years of drought, a large-scale famine is looking likely. Local CAFOD partners are providing much needed emergency assistance and this will be the focus of our forthcoming Fast Day on Friday 7 October. You can see some of how we are responding here: World Food Crisis Appeal | CAFOD