“He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and with Fire”

Let the Holy Spirit light a fire in your Parish this Autumn

It is easy to be LUKEWARM, and to go off the boil, but Jesus is the one who will baptise us with the Spirit and with Fire.

Life in the Spirit seminars are starting online with the Archdiocese of Birmingham from Wednesday 22 September at 7.30pm, hosted by The Charis Diocesan Renewal Group.

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Over 60 million people worldwide have found refreshment and regeneration through the Life in the Spirit seminars.

We have some faith-filled speakers and great worship leaders:

22 September: An introduction and explanation of the Life in the Spirit seminar series. Overview, and explanation of the promise of and the nature of Baptism in the Holy Spirit and how we are equipped for our mission. Daniella Stephens.

29 September: God’s Love. God loves you; He wants to be in a personal relationship with you and to give you a better life. Deacon Stephen Fleming.

6 October: Salvation. God sent his son Jesus to give you new life through his death and resurrection. Jesus is your Lord and Saviour. Bishop David Oakley.

13 October: New Life. Jesus came so that you could be given the source of new life, the Holy Spirit. Gerry Banaszkiewicz.

16 October: Receiving God's Gift. To receive new life you must turn away from those things which block our relationship with God and accept Jesus as your Lord. Fr Pat Collins.

16 October: Praying for Baptism in the Holy Spirit: surrender to the Lord and expect to receive the new life in the Holy Spirit. Fr Pat Collins.

20 October: Growth. Grow your Christian life in the Spirit through prayer, study, service and community. Ros Powell.

27 October: Transformation in Christ. The Holy Spirit is at work in you to change you and make you more holy. Fr Gary Buckby.

3 November: Bonus meeting and forward planning. Looking at what the future holds for our parishes, deaneries and the diocese. Paul Northam, Natalie Orefice and others.

Be part of the Diocesan Vision: Unfolding God's Plan by taking part.

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