International Mass

Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord

As the Easter Season looks towards its culmination with the great day of Pentecost, today we commemorate the day on which Jesus ascended to the Father in heaven, leaving Our Lady and the Apostles, but promising them the Holy Spirit.

We gather as an expression of the Universal Church here in Lourdes and sing the praises of God in many languages. Even when we cannot join in with every language, English translation will be given. But as Pentecost draws near, we remember that it was from many languages that the one language of prayer came to unite Christian believers.

Let us thank God today for the different nations represented at this International Mass; that the Spirit of God may renew the face of the earth.

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Day 5 Lourdes - International Mass

Reconciliation Service

The week in Lourdes has hopefully given us an opportunity to reflect on our own journey of faith, through experiences of prayer and the events of the week shared with others. 

This Reconciliation Service is for everybody on the pilgrimage. The Sacrament of Reconciliation, Confession, is offered to everybody. In the setting of the pilgrimage, it is quite overwhelming to be surrounded by people confessing their sins, drawing on God's grace and, as a pivotal moment of pilgrimage, being reconciled with God and his Church.

Do not be afraid! The invitation to be reconciled is for you: whatever your concerns or apprehension. Unload your burdens and allow the Lord to carry them as he carried his Cross to Calvary.

As a community of sinners we seek repentance; as a community of the redeemed, we rejoice in God's mercy!

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Day 5 Lourdes - Reconciliation

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Day 5 Lourdes - Procession