Two resources from The God Who Speaks to tell the Easter Story for children and for adults.

The Easter Donkey

Travel with a young donkey detective from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday as he seeks to unravel the special mission Jesus was carrying out. Pick up clues along the way and store them on his saddle. 

Narrate the story as children customise and interact with their donkey as the journey unfolds.

Written in fun, engaging and straightforward language, children will delight in hearing the Easter story told from the donkey’s point of view! 

The Easter Donkey

Easter through Art: The Painter’s Path

Using 7 paintings for individual and group reflection, we journey with Christ from death to new life.

Eastertide Through Art: A Visual Journey

Lent resources

Starting on the week commencing 28 February, for the season of Lent, the Liturgy and Worship group will select a different resource each week, to help you to participate in a faith-filled Lent this year.

Liturgy and Worship

A collection of resources for Lent and Easter can be found on our Lent and Easter page- with retreats (in person and online), videos, liturgy, resources for children and families and more gathered from our parishes, Catholic friends and partners.

Lent and Easter Resources