Yemi and Georges are newlyweds who are part of the Diocesan Vision Liturgy and Worship group.

The daily rhythm of personal prayer and the Sunday gathering of God’s people are essential to our mission and we promote worthy celebrations of the Church’s liturgy and the fullest participation with good understanding of what that means for the greater number, of all ages and backgrounds.

In liturgy and worship, we are drawn into the timeless awe and wonder of God. In turn, from liturgy and worship, we are given strength for our mission and especially for our recognition of the need of our neighbour and those most in need.

Starting on the week commencing 28 February 2022, for the season of Lent, the Liturgy and Worship group will select a different resource each week, to help you to participate in a faith-filled Lent this year.

Liturgy and Worship

Lent resources

A collection of resources for Lent and Easter can be found on our Lent and Easter page- with retreats (in person and online), videos, liturgy, resources for children and families and more gathered from our parishes, Catholic friends and partners.

Lent and Easter Resources