A team of 25 young adults have been awarded certificates for their commitment to youth ministry.

The youth ministry team at St Elizabeth's, Coventry, have been working to build relationships with families and young people after weekend masses, through school visits and personally inviting young people to attend the youth group and various events organised through the parish and by the Kenelm Youth Trust (KYT).

The number of young adults aged 14 - 25 years becoming involved in parish life began to flourish and so they arranged a meeting with KYT to look at next possible steps.

Maria Bracken, Youth Ministry coordinator, and Carmel Keane ran the VITAL young adult leadership training course with a very committed group of 25 young adults every week.

They undertook training in group work and leadership skills, peer ministry, sharing faith, communication and planning a youth ministry event for young people.

Bishop William Kenney recently celebrated Mass in the parish in support of their commitment to youth ministry and presented certificates to all 25 young adults from St Elizabeth's.

The young adults are planning to attend the Church Ablaze event at Alton Castle on 1 February 2020, which will enable them to discover their charisms and be accompanied in discerning an authentic role in service to the life of their church community.

Photo Gallery by Janet Vaughan

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