Our group of young adults have arrived safely in Panama to take part in this year's World Youth Day celebrations.

Here's a picture of them, and other pilgrims, enjoying the atmosphere and preparing for the days ahead.

We will add to this page as often as we can.

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From Maisie Berry in Panama: "We’ve been in Panama City for a few days now and it’s been absolutely incredible and the group have been loving everything that the city has to offer, from the sites to the atmosphere of all the people from all around the world getting ready to celebrate this great event ‘World Youth Day’.

"The streets are just full of life, we have met so many incredible people from all over, from places like Columbia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, U.S.A and so many and we have so many more people to meet as the event has only just kicked off.

"We started off the week at the old town which was such an amazing place with lovely views, we walked through a lovely market where people were selling hand mosaic bracelets, bags and so many other wonderful things.

"We have just been exploring everywhere the city has to offer and just taking in the atmosphere of the whole place."

Our young adults see the Pope drive by:

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World Youth Day, Panama