So today has bought us fantastic GCSE results, Songs of Praise filming and all kinds of crazy weather!

Fiona D'Silva kicked off today with amazing news from back home in Walsall - a crop of top marks in her GCSEs. It was squeals of delight from the 16-year-old as she got off the coach this morning, and rightly so.

In fact she was so excited to share the good news she told the Songs of Praise film crew!

The team then turned their attention to the Hope family from Worcester, and conducted interviews and filming opportunities throughout the day.

The family, representing the Archdiocese of Birmingham, feature in this Sunday afternoon's edition of Songs of Praise. Please tune in to show your support.

Today's theme for the World Meeting of Families was The Family and Love. And such love is very evident amongst our pilgrim families. The Archdiocese really is a #familyoffamilies

And finally...what is this crazy weather? Sunshine, rain, wind and changing temperatures - it's all happening here in Dublin!

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WMoF, Dublin, 2018