A new partnership has been set up between the Archdiocese of Birmingham and Barnardo's, the national children’s charity, to provide extra scrutiny to the Diocese’s safeguarding practices.

Part of the charity’s remit will also include supporting the Diocesan Safeguarding Co-ordinator through supervision.

“This is a great opportunity for Barnardo’s to support current and future safeguarding practice and development in the Archdiocese,” said Rod Weston-Bartholomew, Safeguarding Consultant, Barnardo’s Training and Consultancy.

“This contract presents a good platform to build on, and will allow Barnardo’s to use our experience to add to safeguarding at the Archdiocese.”

Andrew Haley, Interim Head of Safeguarding Transformation at the Archdiocese, said: “Working with Barnardo’s can only enhance our commitment to improving safeguarding practices.

“Protecting children and vulnerable adults from harm remains our absolute priority.”

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