By Józef Łopuszyński

On Saturday 9th June, the Feast of the Most Pure Heart of Mary, a small group from the West Midlands travelled to the Warrington to witness His Grace Archbishop Malcolm McMahon ordain Rev Mr Seth Reuben Phipps to the Sacred Priesthood in front of a full congregation.

During the time he was a student at Magdalen College, Oxford, Mr Phipps attended Holy Mass daily at Oxford Oratory.

During the Ceremony, Parish Priest Father Paul Lester of St Mary on the Hill, Wednesbury, joined the many priests present to lay hands on the new priest after the Archbishop had ordained him to the Sacred Priesthood.

What made this event so special, was that it was only the second time that there has been an Ordination in the Traditional Rite in England in the last fifty years or so.

The previous time was last year, when at the same church His Grace Archbishop Malcolm McMahon ordained two priests using the same traditional rite.  All three priests and the Shrine belong to the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) which will celebrate its 30th anniversary on 18th July next year.

After his Ordination, Father Phipps gave a First Blessing to those who wished to receive one, and for whom it was possible (if in a state of grace) for the recipient to help a soul out of Purgatory.

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