Wellbeing Award recognises school’s commitment to supporting different emotional and mental health needs
Painsley Catholic College in Cheadle has received a 'Wellbeing Award for Schools' from Optimus Education in development with the National Children’s Bureau.
The award sets out to make the school a place of emotional wellbeing and support by improving mental health provision for all pupils, staff and parents.
Focusing on changing the long-term culture of the whole school, the award used an evidence-based framework to drive change. This included looking at the mechanisms used to deliver staff and pupil wellbeing, reviewing the staff training and school policies as well as improving opportunities and resources for parents to access.
The award took two years to complete, during which the school made a real commitment to actively promoting emotional wellbeing and mental health for students, staff, and parents. This included offering high-quality, ongoing professional development so that staff feel confident responding to pupils’ needs and ensuring systems and external partnerships are in place to support different types of needs.
Painsley now has a ‘Change Team’ in place to continue to review and improve further the provision the school offers for emotional wellbeing and mental health. The Team consists of pupils, staff and parents.
Comments from the Wellbeing Award Reports are as follows:
“There is a secure ethos and rationale for the provision of positive mental health at Painsley…… All stakeholders spoke passionately about their experience of the school’s work.  The school’s approach conveys a healthy balance. This is about the work to support positive mental health (preventative) balanced with specific intervention for those who require additional attention…..Given the commitment of all stakeholders and the success of the development, Painsley is well placed to support other schools in respect to mental health and well-being.”
Rachel Waugh, Principal at Painsley Catholic College, said: “This award has confirmed that mental health and wellbeing has always been and will continue to sit at the heart of our school life.”
Photo caption: Students with Darren Bullock, who leads the Wellbeing project at Painsley.