The Archdiocese of Birmingham’s Vietnamese Chaplaincy has donated thousands of gloves and masks to the local care industry.

The chaplaincy responded to a plea from Birmingham City Council for donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) for use by front-line staff, care providers, social workers and volunteers delivering essential services across the City.

A number of the Vietnamese community work in nail spas and wanted the PPE that they used in their business to be given to support care workers. Donors from outside the city also bought PPE to add to the donation.

Fr Yen, the head of the Vietnamese Chaplaincy has received thousands of gloves and facemasks, which will be collected by Birmingham City Council for use in care homes, children’s services and home care support.

Fr Yen celebrates Mass every morning and the Rosary every evening via Facebook Live, to over 1,000 followers.

Other members of the Chaplaincy and non Catholic community were moved to donate money as they had no PPE to give, with over £1000 raised so far to buy more PPE.

Councillor Paulette Hamilton, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care said:

“The generosity and community spirt demonstrated by citizens towards helping others has been truly uplifting.

“We are very grateful for donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) which will be distributed to where there is the greatest need”.

If you can donate PPE to Birmingham City Council, let them know how you can support, here:

Donate Protective Equipment

Vietnamese Catholics may wish to visit the chaplaincy’s Facebook page for resources and community: Vietnamese Chaplaincy on Facebook


Main photo: Tieng and  Chau , who helped  gather donations pictured with Fr Yen outside the chaplaincy.

Fr Yen live streaming Mass

PPE ready for collection