Parishioners at All Souls Parish in Coventry are keeping connected with a daily Vespers-via-Zoom.

As do many other parishes, All Souls has a daily live streamed morning Mass, as well as an hour of live streamed Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament as a focus of prayer for front line workers and the sick at noon.

However, to keep parishioners face-to-face, Fr Paul Burch also hosts Vespers at 6pm.

He says: “Because Zoom is interactive, we can see each other and hear other as we pray the office together.

“It's a great way of praying together in these times of social distancing and ensuring that the daily Prayer of the Church continues uninterrupted.

“We've also got a great team of parishioners who are phoning other parishioners on a regular basis, on behalf of the parish, to check that they're safe and well and just to have a chat.”

A light is being left on in church every night as a visible reminder that Christ is always with us, even in the darkest of times, and that the Church is alive still in worship, prayer and service.

The comforting orange glow can be seen from neighbouring streets and even across the nearby Hearsall Common.