An exciting partnership between Newman University in Birmingham and the Centre for Chaplaincy in Education (CCE) has launched.

The partnership is part of a new wider initiative to support and develop chaplaincy within schools, colleges and sixth forms, with a vision for every school and college to have a chaplain.

The aim of the partnership is to research and design a nationally available programme of induction, support and continuing professional development (CPD) for chaplains in education.

With this in mind, Newman University was identified as an appropriate educational partner as the University already offers an existing chaplaincy programme and therefore has the relevant skills and expertise to partner with the CCE and help the charity achieve its goals.

Maggie Everett, Lead Development Officer for CCE, said: “My experience of working in schools over the past 22 years has shown there to be an increasing need for effectively trained and resourced Chaplains who can support, inspire and bring hope not only to young people but all members of the school or college community.

"I am excited that CCE is working in partnership with Newman University to develop high quality training and CPD for such Chaplains.”

The CCE has commissioned Newman University to complete research into the roles and skills of Chaplains and to work out the needs of Chaplains within education.

Newman University is looking forward to partnering with the CCE and responding to the needs of this growing area of ministry, Helen Bardy, Senior Lecturer in Youth and Community Studies, said: “School Chaplains are a key and at times under-resourced role within our school Communities.

"Newman University is excited to progress the project, in partnership with CCE, to research their needs and respond to these by providing informed and appropriate professional development.”

As part of the research and development, Newman University is seeking to hear the voices of all those involved with school chaplaincy, including Chaplains, School/Church Leaders and Interested Stakeholders.

If you would like to be involved with the research conducted by Newman University, please visit one of the following pages:

Chaplains – Research and CPD

School/Church Leaders – Research and CPD

Interested Stakeholders – Research and CPD