Million Minutes (Catholic National Youth Charity) is delighted to announce the appointment of their very first Young Adult Advisory Group, which includes two representatives from the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

This mixture of 16 – 25-year-olds take up their voluntary advisory positions this month (May 2021).

Million Minutes is pleased to welcome:

Siobhan Doyle (25, Archdiocese of Arundel and Brighton/Archdiocese of Southwark), Beth Mitchell (21, Archdiocese of Birmingham), Zoe Lutterodt (17, Archdiocese of Birmingham), Dora Ama Attah (22, Diocese of Salford), Joshua Vicente (25, Diocese of Westminster), Claire Mwathi (21, Diocese of Northampton), and Destiny Odogiyan (16, Diocese of Salford).

Together the group will help Million Minutes’ staff ensure its work is relevant to the experiences of Catholic young people. YAAG members will meet to discuss various elements of Million Minutes’ work, providing reflection and challenging us to stay relevant. The position will be held by our members for a year and will meet every quarter to discuss the most pressing social justice issues of our time.

Daisy Srblin, Director of Million Minutes, said: “I’m thrilled to welcome our YAAG members to Million Minutes. Today’s young people face unprecedented challenges, not least in relation to an uncertain post-pandemic world, where they are disproportionately impacted by job losses, low pay and underemployment.

“Furthermore, they face a deeply unequal world, and have to reckon with critical issues such as racial injustice and gender inequality. This means that working with young people, and seeing the world through their eyes and their priorities, is more important than ever, especially in ensuring the Church stays relevant to contemporary issues.

“Our mission is to develop young people as leaders in the Church, and this is one of many ways we are able to live out our values. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next year holds, and I know the world is a much stronger place for the leadership and participation of brilliant young people such as Dora, Joshua, Zoe, Beth, Siobhan, Destiny and Claire.” 

Anna Fraine, Trustee of Million Minutes, added:Recent years have seen the rise of the school strikes for climate, Greta Thunberg and young activists across the world standing up for injustice in all its forms and for a safe and liveable future.

“At Million Minutes we've been celebrating the contribution, intuition and service of young people throughout the pandemic through our newest 'Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati Award', just as we have with our national awards.

“It is a great injustice when young people's voices are silenced and marginalised anytime they are not granted a seat at the table of decision makers in organisations, institutions, as well as in their communities.

“I'm excited about the inception of Million Minutes' YAAG - making the reality and hopes of young people ever more at the focus of all our work. Young people are calling out for a Church that is responsive to their lived experience, fears and dreams for the future. And for their faith to be nourished in that context.

“Providing this space for young people to offer their authentic and honest guidance, and criticism, of our work is key to making it relevant for Million Minutes' youth work across England and Wales.”

Beth Mitchell, 21, Archdiocese of Birmingham
Beth is from Coventry and was introduced to Million Minutes through her work at Kenelm Youth Trust. Having previously worked at Alton Castle she is currently an assistant Lay chaplain at a secondary school in the Archdiocese, and is also undertaking a degree in Philosophy and Catholic Tradition. Beth has dreams of one day becoming a teacher, and is particularly passionate about accompanying young people through all their different life stages. Beth believes the biggest social justice issues facing young people today are racism, homophobia and women’s rights.

Zoe Lutterodt, 17, Archdiocese of Birmingham
Zoe is a sixth-form student at Cardinal Griffin Catholic College in Staffordshire where she is studying Chemistry, Biology and History. She is an active member of both the youth group and the parish of Burntwood in Staffordshire, and is passionate about music liturgy as a way to get more young people involved with the Church. Zoe is particularly passionate about ending discrimination, supporting human dignity and equality and is inspired by the Holy Father’s call to create a ‘Church with open doors’.

To find out more about the members visit the Million Minutes website