The diocese rejoiced on Saturday 20 July as three new priests were ordained by Archbishop Bernard Longley at St Chad’s Cathedral.

Friends, family, clergy and well-wishers filled the Cathedral to witness this momentous day for Frs Marco Egawhary, Ryan Service and John Waters, who have spent several years studying at the Venerable English College, Rome.

During the ordination rite, the candidates promise ‘to celebrate the mysteries of Christ, faithfully and religiously… for the glory of God and the sanctification of Christ’s people.’

The newly ordained priests celebrated their first Masses on Sunday 21 July:

Fr Marco- The Oratory Church of St Aloysius Gonzaga Oxford

Fr Ryan – St Mary of the Angels, Aldridge

Fr John – Precious Blood and All Souls, Coventry

They will offer support to parishes over the summer and return to Rome for one final year of study before returning to diocesan parishes full time.

For all three, the support of the diocese and their parish placements have been pivotal in their journey.

Fr Ryan Service said: “Doing the placements back home in the parishes in the diocese has really helped to keep a sense of where we're going and where we've come from in terms of our vocation.”

Fr John Water said: “At last we'll get to do what we've spent all these years training for and preparing for. We've received so much and at last we can start giving this back.”

Fr Marco Egawhary said: “I hope the people of the diocese see it as not just our ordination, but a moment for them as well- because we couldn't have got through without their support.

“The ordination as much about celebrating that three people have been given a vocation as that the people of the diocese have supported us throughout, and I hope will continue to support us as we need that support.”

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