By Suri and Mahir (pupils of The Rosary School)

At the Rosary Catholic Primary School, we, as a school, have been working hard towards the Investors in Pupils Award for the last year.

What is the Investors in Pupils Award? It is an exciting award that has helped every child in our school to have a voice, a view and an opinion – we feel that we are listened to and valued within the Rosary community.

An Investors in Pupils Team was created with four Year 5 children and four Year 6 children. We have thoroughly enjoyed leading lots of assemblies based on: who we are, what the award is, the school budget, and also about our school governors.

Across the school, there is a holding hands display where every child has a body to represent them and they have written their strengths, their areas to improve and what type of learner they are. This helps us to understand how unique we all are.

In February 2018, we had an important person come in to school; it was the Investor in Pupils assessor. 

In the morning, we led a whole school assembly, where we talked about the five aspects that helped our school to achieve the award.

The five aspects are: Attendance, Behaviour, Class Induction, Classroom Management and Learning. Following this, four members of the Investor in Pupil’s team led a tour around our school, pointing out displays and talking about what we had accomplished whilst working towards the award. Later on in the morning, there were several pupil interviews, parent and lunchtime supervisor interviews as well as teacher interview.

Following an extremely exciting morning, the assessor said that she was very impressed with our tour, our team work and the participation of all of the children at the Rosary with this award. She felt that the voice of every child was fully alive, listened to and acted upon.

The Investors in Pupils award has been a fantastic way for all us to become more involved in the management and decisions of our school; we would recommend this award to all schools!