A weekly little message of support is winging its way to over 1,000 homes across Tamworth to ensure people feel connected to their parish.

Fr Michael White, parish priest at St John the Baptist and Sacred Heart churches, is penning a regular email to keep-in-touch with his parishioners during this time of crisis.

The importance of the weekly update has been accelerated during the lockdown, with urgent steps taken to utilise a bulk email system which improved delivery.

Now recipients receive a regular message of support - along with information about outreach projects, foodbanks, volunteering matters, help/befriending, details of live stream Masses and ‘anything that’s going on’.

The email also includes the regular parish newsletter and parish website details.

“I have received lots of positive feedback so far,” said Fr Michael. “The situation of course is not ideal, but this weekly message does help people to feel connected.

“When they tune in for a live streamed Mass they are seeing a familiar face in a familiar place – it helps.

“We are also now inviting people to send in messages so ‘announcements’ can be made at the end of Mass – for example wishing someone a Happy Easter, or Happy Birthday.

“Such little things can make a huge difference.”