Premier Christian Radio presents the Stations of the Cross at 3pm on Good Friday, featuring several voices from the Archdiocese.

Tune in to this ecumenical journey of the Stations, with several interviews recorded last month (March) at St Chad's Cathedral. You can also listen now (see link below).

Featuring voices from the Archdiocese - Mgr Tim Menezes, Dean of St Chad's Cathedral; Lianne Pap, Marriage and Family Life Co-ordinator; Natalie Orefice, Advisor for Parish Evangelisation; Abigail Martin, Project Manager at St Chad's Sanctuary, and Paul Northam, Evangelisation Fieldworker.

Each one has chosen a Station to discuss and reflect upon.

Representatives from several other organisations also feature in the broadcast:

1. Christ is condemned to death - Fr Timothy Menezes, Dean of St Chad's Cathedral
2. The cross is laid upon him - Lianne Pap, Marriage and Family Life Co-ordinator, Archdiocese of Birmingham
3. His first fall - Jane Roberts, Director of JC Journeys, taking people on pilgrimages around the world
4.  He meets His Blessed Mother - Natalie Orefice, Advisor for Parish Evangelisation, Archdiocese of Birmingham
5.  Simon of Cyrene is made to bear the cross - Sister Noreen Cullen, from Sisters of Mercy Convent, Handsworth, Birmingham
6. Christ's face is wiped by Vernonica - Revd Cham Kaur Mann, Baptist Minister and Director of Next Leadership
7.  His second fall - Bishop Mike Royal, Co-Executive Director of the Cinnamon Network 
8.  He meets the women of Jerusalem - Deacon Kerry Scarlett, Methodist Church
9.  His third fall - Sister Brenda Murphy - Sisters of Mercy Convent
10.  He is stripped off his garments - Abigail Martin, Project Manager of St Chad's Sanctuary
11. His crucifixion - Pastor Mark Ryan, Birmingham City Church
12.  His death on the cross - Paul Northam, Evangelisation Fieldworker, Archdiocese of Birmingham
13.  His body is taken down from the cross - Sister Brigid McNallayrsm, Sisters of Mercy
14.  His body is laid in the tomb - Fr Timothy Menezes, Dean of St Chad's Cathedral