Please pray for the repose of the soul of Sister Teresa Burke SP, who died on February 4 at St Paul’s Convent, Selly Park in Birmingham, at the age of 99.

Sr. Teresa served as the Secretary to the Diocesan Ecumenical Commission for many years.

She was born in Emly, Co. Tipperary in Ireland, on 31 October 1921. She made her First Profession as a Sister of Charity of St. Paul in Selly Park on 29 April 1945.

Sr. Kathleen Neenan, Congregational Leader at St. Paul’s Convent, said:

“For the Congregation’s part we are all very sad to lose Sr. Teresa in her 100th year and not have the opportunity to celebrate her 100th birthday in October. 

“Sr. Teresa was known throughout the Congregation and beyond as a highly intelligent woman, full of wit, who could always be relied upon to make some astute comments at gatherings and to contribute a song at parties.

“Her tireless work in the field of Ecumenism brought her into contact with a wide variety of people who enjoyed her company and appreciated her scholarship.

“Sr. Teresa is sadly missed as a lively colourful character in the Congregation who was devoted to her Lord and who felt honoured to be a Sister of Charity of St. Paul.”

Some of the roles held by Sr. Teresa:

• Secretary of the Archdiocesan Commission for Ecumenism (Minutes and Reports to the Archbishop)
• Membership of Churches Together in Birmingham
• Churches Together in England
• Bishops' Conference Committee for Christian Unity
• Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary
• International Ecumenical Fellowship (IEF)
• Council of Christians and Jews
• Birmingham International Council (BIC)
• Human City Institute
• Studies in the Life and Work of Abbe Paul Couturier.