A primary school teaching assistant has taken to song to help spread the Word of God during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Elizabeth Haney, a parishioner at Our Lady of Lourdes, Cradley Heath, recently took to social media to promote her song.

Titled ‘Put Your Hand Upon my Heart’ Elizabeth’s song has been two years in the making, but it is the current global health emergency which encouraged her to share it far and wide.

“One of the ways that the Holy Spirit communicates to me is through songs,” said Elizabeth.

“This song came in exactly the same way, starting with ‘I’ve been listening to all your stories. I’ve been listening to all your pain’.

“Over a few weeks I started to write it. After completing the first verse, the chorus followed. All the time the melody was being played in my head.”

Elizabeth, who sings in the church choir and is a member of the social committee, first performed her song last summer when children were receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion.

She was then asked to sing it during Mass, and also taught the children’s choir at her place of work, Netherton Church of England Primary School, Dudley. The children then performed it at the end of the school year last July.

“Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I woke up feeling absolutely amazing,” said Elizabeth. “I felt that God had something amazing coming to us. It’s really hard to explain the feeling but over the last few weeks, I’ve felt his presence in every hurdle we’ve faced due to Covid-19.

“As a Facebook user, I was added to a page set up by a friend who I used to perform with. I felt the Holy Spirit was asking me to share it with the people on the page.

“This was a bit scary because I knew there would be people on there who may not know God or have turned away from him. I half expected there to be nasty comments but they were all lovely.

“If my song helps people in any way then I’m happy, I am doing God’s work. I feel that the Holy Spirit wants people to take comfort from the words in the song, especially at this time of uncertainty.”

Elizabeth, who is studying the Certificate in Parish Mission and Ministry at the Maryvale Institute, is married with two children.

Watch Elizabeth’s performance: