An invitation from Archbishop Bernard Longley

My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
The events of the past year have placed a great strain on the faith and practice of Catholics and, by extension, the life and ministry of the Church across our Archdiocese. There are also significant challenges and opportunities for us all going forward and for what our ministries of service, worship and witness will look like in the coming years as a result.
I would therefore like to ask you, as Catholic disciples in our Archdiocese, to reflect on your recent experiences during this Coronavirus pandemic, by engaging with a survey which seeks to learn from those experiences of living out your Catholic faith in such challenging, and frequently tragic, circumstances.
Your responses will help us to discover what effect the pandemic has had on local Catholics, and how the Church has responded with the light of Christ to so many in difficult situations. This will also help us to see the bigger picture of your faith in action, when communication with one another has been limited.
I look forward to reading your responses.

With my thanks and every kind wish.

Yours sincerely
+Bernard Longley
Archbishop of Birmingham

Complete the survey

About the survey

The Archdiocese of Birmingham Evangelisation Office is partnering with the Archdiocese of Southwark to promote this survey which aims to find out about the experiences of Catholics over the period of the Coronavirus pandemic.
This research will help our Archdiocese to understand what has been happening during this time when churches have been closed and/or only opened for limited periods and Catholics have had to practice their faith ‘at a distance’.
Please follow the below link to this survey, select our Archdiocese from the drop-down menu and complete the questions, so that we can hear about what God has been doing and what He wants to say to us about the future of the Church in this part of England and Wales.
This important survey should take about 10 minutes to complete and the deadline for submissions for Birmingham is Sunday 4 July.