Staff at Blessed William Howard Catholic High School launched a Food for Stafford Families appeal at the start of Lent.

The appeal resulted in food parcels prepared for almost 50 families and over 100 children. The parcels contained extensive provisions of dried food staples such as cereals, rice, crackers and pasta along with fresh meats, soups, sauces, fruit juices, cheeses, yoghurts, eggs, bread, fresh vegetables and chocolate Easter eggs.

The food parcels were delivered to the homes of all those who had applied for them by BWH staff volunteers on Thursday 1 April.

"As schools close for the Easter break, many families in the local area will face concerns about feeding their children. Child poverty figures show that over 25% of children in Stafford are living in poverty," said Helen Duffield, Assistant Principal at the school.

"The school felt that Government support available in the current circumstances may not be enough to support the most vulnerable. There are also many families who aren't eligible for free school meals who are struggling and in need of support. As a community, we wanted to ease this worry during these difficult times."

Families simply had to complete an online form to register for a food parcel, whilst the rest of the school community supported by bringing in food donations or raising money that was spent on additional fresh food items.

"We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our students and their families, along with staff and friends of the school," added Mrs Duffield.

"What we have collected will really make a considerable difference to people in need of help. Thank you to everyone who has donated, to the students who have helped us sort the items into packs and the staff who have helped to deliver them."

Art teacher Jenny Capewell helps with a delivery run