Synodality means "walking together" and refers to both a new, and ancient, way of being church, based on listening to the Holy Spirit.

It is intended to foster the vocations of the whole People of God, refresh mission and revitalise the relationship of the local church with the neighbourhood.

Together for the Common Good has released a new podcast series, Renewing Church and Neighbourhood – the Synodal Way, to support and inspire those travelling on the synodal journey.

Adopting the “see-judge-act” framework, the podcast is designed for individual reflection or to be within a parish or prayer group setting to prompt conversation and develop action on a local level.

In this podcast series, Sean Ryan asks Jenny Sinclair, founder director of Together for the Common Good, about what the synodal process means for grassroots Catholics and how it can be used to inspire action at a local level.

“The focus for us as parishioners should always be on our continuing synodal journey in our own parishes,” Jenny says.

“It’s clear to me, from my own experience of the Synod, that God is working within us, and that lasting change will come from what’s happening at the grassroots, more bottom up than top down. I actually believe the national synodal team expect that to be the case too.”

You can listen to the podcast on the Together for the Common Good website: 

Podcast: Renewing Church and Neighbourhood