Youngsters at a Coventry school have teamed up with a city organisation which supports people in need to deliver crates of food and essential items.

A group of eight Year 6 pupils at St John Fisher Catholic Primary School, part of the Romero Catholic Academy, visited the Halo Centre in Binley to deliver crates of foodbank collections, donated by parents, staff and the wider community.

The Halo Centre is the Head Office of Feed the Hungry UK, which operates it’s Coventry Foodbank project from there. 

The children learned about how they can support the community, the food needed to make up a food box for two people and had a go at creating meal ideas using items that had been donated.

The donations were then distributed to Coventry Foodbank’s 14 distribution centres across the city.  

The pupils are part of the Growing in Faith Together (Gift) team at the school on Kineton Road in Wyken, and delivered an assembly to Key Stage 2 about the work they have been doing, which included encouraging donations from every class.

The team plan to host an ongoing collection in the reception area, where people can hand in tinned food, dried goods and toiletries for future deliveries.

Denise Corry, teacher at St John Fisher Catholic Primary School, said: “Our incredible Gift team did a fantastic job generating donations from the school community, and we are extremely grateful to Coventry Foodbank for supporting us with the project and providing a valuable experience for our pupils. 

“I’d like to thank everyone who contributed with donations. There are people across the city who will benefit from the efforts of our pupils, and we are extremely proud of them.”

Dee Ward, Coventry Foodbank Project Manager, said: “Talking to the children about the work of Feed the Hungry UK is vital for the future, as they are the next generation who can make a difference to the communities they will be connected to.   

“We are so grateful for the food donated by everyone who has contributed to the school collection this year. It really does make a difference to ensure we can keep providing the service to those who find themselves in crisis.”   

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