Priest and Parish - a Blessed Bond. Reflecting and Celebrating 80 Years, Mgr Daniel McHugh

For my 80th birthday on Thursday 24 March I went to Knock Shrine for a short visit to give thanks for my life as a Priest, and to plan the Diocesan Ethnic Chaplaincies Pilgrimage to Knock in September this year.

On Sunday 27 March I returned to St George and St Teresa, Dorridge, where I had been Parish Priest for 17 years, to thank the parish family who continue to support me in my new life as Co-ordinator of Ethnic Chaplaincies, Eparchies and Missions.

I had so many cards, gifts and good wishes from former parishioners, it is clear that Monsignor Father Danny is not forgotten.

At Mass I reflected on the ‘blessed bond’ priest and parishioners forge over the years of pastoral care and celebrating Mass, confession, baptisms, marriages, funerals and many other activities in parish and schools. It is truly a spiritual bond of Father and Family.

We priests are blessed to have so much love and support, to sustain us as the years go by. I feel people are there for me, as I am for them: Thank God for Priesthood and the special, lifelong family it sustains.

Thanks also to Father Robert and parishioners who had put in a tremendous effort who welcomed me to celebrate Mass and enjoy a birthday gathering in the Parish Centre.

Afterwards, my sister Geraldine had arranged a ‘Cousins Dinner’ to celebrate too: that blood family relationship has continued to grow in later years as we make time to give thanks for our unique relationship and for those who have passed on the Faith to us.

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Monsignor Daniel McHugh 80th Birthday Thanksgiving Mass

Watch! Monsignor Daniel McHugh 80th birthday Thanksgiving Mass