During May, the Month of Mary, parishes and schools across the Archdiocese are invited to join in prayer for the charity Mary’s Meals.

A number of churches and schools across the Archdiocese already regularly pray, and fundraise for, Mary’s Meals, which serves nutritious school meals to over 2.4 million children living in 18 countries around the world including Syria, Kenya, Haiti and Malawi.

The charity provides a daily meal in a place of learning to attract chronically hungry children into the classroom, where they receive the education that could be their ladder out of poverty.

During May the charity is aiming to raise even more awareness and invites parishes and schools to consider praying for the work of Mary's Meals in one or more of the following ways:

• Including a prayer for Mary's Meals at Mass (the charity can share bidding prayers)
• A small insert into the parish newsletter and/or website, including a prayer
• Asking parish prayer groups to organise a time of prayer for Mary's Meals (the charity can share prayer resources)
• Offering the rosary
• Holding a Holy Hour

Since its humble beginnings Mary’s Meals has been built on a foundation of prayer and the many little acts of love from those who support the charity.

It is hoped the Pray In May campaign will see the charity’s work continue to flourish and grow, and more children throughout the world will see their lives transformed by receiving a daily meal in a place of education.

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