By Marie Nee

Poet and Performer, Dreadlock Alien, Birmingham’s 10th Poet Laureate, recently visited Holy Trinity Catholic Multi Academy’s Blessed William Howard Catholic High School to host a special ‘Poetry Slam’ day that was attended by the multi academy’s primary schools.

Almost 200 students from St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, Blessed Mother Teresa’s, St Austin’s, St Anne’s and St John’s Primary school in Great Haywood, St Mary’s in Brewood and St Dominics’s in Stone, took part in the day, supported by Blessed William Howard students.

The pupils enjoyed performances by Dreadlock and worked with him to create topical, poignant and imaginative poems.

As well as inspiring an interest in language, rhyme and performance, the day was themed around British Values, looking at themes such as the rule of law, mutual respect and tolerance.

During the activities the children created their own performance poetry and bought their acts to the stage in an X-Factor style competition.

After performing in front of a panel of judges, the children were graded for their originality, performance and speech. The winning team was from Blessed Mother Teresa’s Catholic Primary School.

“It was great to see the family of the Holy Trinity Catholic Multi Academy come together in such a fun way for the students," said Dan Merrick, Second in the English Department at Blessed William Howard.

"They all really enjoyed the day - learning about poetry, performing and beatboxing in a lovely supportive and happy atmosphere.

"Everyone took part fully in the activities and came away with a better understanding of British Values and a little more self-confidence. Well done to all.”