By Peter Martin, about Deacon Gerry O’ Reilly

Pioneer Presentation to Deacon Gerry O’Reilly

Deacon Gerry is known throughout the Midlands as 'Gerry the great Pioneer'. He has been involved with the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association all his life, and since his arrival in Coventry from his native Cavan in the late 1950’s he has been a very active member initially in Holy Family parish and latterly in Christ the King parish.

In early 1959 he met Father Michael McKiernan RIP, who was a well know figure in pioneer circles. Since that time Gerry’s main aim was to promote and spread the pioneers. He became a regional delegate.

With Father McKiernan, Gerry was involved in the purchasing and establishing a premises in Broad Street, Coventry, on behalf of the Pioneer Association. He has filled the position of Regional President to the Association Regional Committee since 1983.

In 1970 he was involved in the setting up of the now flourishing Coventry AA Centre, and continues to be involved in supporting those in need of accommodation and support. He has also been a member of Coventry Health Education Committee dealing with alcoholism.

After Father McKiernan’s untimely death, Gerry was elected as a delegate to Central Council in Dublin.

Gerry now lives in Christ the King parish and continues to lead, and be an active member locally and regionally, both spiritually and socially with the Pioneer Association.

Gerry is an ordained Deacon (1999) and now in his 83rd year, continues to work tirelessly in the parish and all the surrounding parishes, where he he is very highly thought of and loved, for his very caring spiritual and social support to all those in need, in the City of Coventry and beyond.

Gerry is a very proud Pioneer and very proud of his pioneer pin, he was awarded the Diamond Pin and Certificate for 60 years as a pioneer, and The Father Cullen Diploma and Medal, in recognition of a lifetime achievement of outstanding leadership and contribution to Coventry Regional Pioneers.

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