Update: Sponsored skydive for Holy Name of Jesus Parish Building Fund: Payal successfully completed her Skydive on Sunday 20th May 2018. Everything went very well, we share a huge word of congratulations:

"Well Done Payal. Thank you to those who have already given her your sponsorship donations. For those of you who need to send the donations money, you can place your money in an envelope clearly marked for the Sponsored Skydive and with your name on the front and hand into the Parish Office or place it offertory collection during Mass.

Payal will share a video and Photographs of the Skydive in Our Parish Centre on Friday 13th July 2018, at 7:30PM. On this occasion there will be a 'shared meal'.

Please place the date in your diary today! Once again, we congratulate Payal and thank her for your generosity and kindness."

Payal Gordhan is all set to leap 15,000ft from an aeroplane this Sunday (Pentecost) to help raise money for Holy Name of Jesus church in Great Barr.

The church recently found that its roof, being nearly 80 years old, was in urgent need of major repair. The parish had to act as water started to run down the interior walls and damage the organ.

Parishioners pulled together to raise £50,000, and the church also secured a £25,000 grant from the Poor Parishes’ Fund, but need nearly £175,000 more to pay for the repairs. 

In a bid to raise awareness and to boost the funds, brave Payal will take to the skies and take a ‘leap of faith’ from Hinton Airfield. Payal's fundraising has raised at least £1,000 thus far.

She says “I have never done this before, I’ll be having a blessing at 8am Mass before the jump- I’m trying not to think about the jump itself too much!”

Please visit Holy Name’s webpage for more information, and if you would like to make a donation.