Rachel Breward, 34, and her one-year-old daughter Phoebe, will be wrapping up warm this month as they both get ready to walk 10,000 steps every day for 40 days, during Lent, to fundraise for vulnerable families affected by water poverty overseas.

Sharing why CAFOD’s Walk for Water campaign is important to her, Rachel said:

"The Walk for Water campaign is a simple way to walk side by side with someone like Abdella. Having to walk 10 hours a day just to get water when we can turn on the tap with no thought, is something that should humble us all, and I will be humbled by this as we walk.

"It's also a great way to start my daughter thinking about other people around the world, the difficulties that they may face in their daily life, and the ways in which we can help. Although she won't understand some of what we're doing, I do believe it's important to show the next generation how to care for others: she has already started this by waving to other walkers on our journeys to make them smile."

Rachel plans to do her 10,000 steps through a combination of walking and jogging, with her daughter Phoebe sat in a backpack on her back, coaching her along the way. 

And there's one musical soundtrack that keeps them motivated!

"Phoebe likes to dance to the songs from the Sound of Music, so I'm sure this will also make up some of my steps as part of our Walk for Water Challenge."

From Wednesday 17 February to Saturday 3 April, CAFOD is galvanising its supporters to walk, jog, hop, skip or even dance 10,000 steps every day, over the 40 days of Lent, to raise money for some of the world’s most fragile countries, where people struggle to get a daily supply of safe and clean water.

Jo Kitterick, CAFOD’s Head of Fundraising and Participation, concludes:

"It is so inspiring to hear Rachel and Phoebe's story, CAFOD says a big thank you to her and thousands of supporters who are embarking on their 'Walk for Water' challenge.  This Lent they will be transforming lives.    

"Our supporters are ready to go the extra mile to end water poverty. Already they have been coming up with wonderful ways to achieve their 10,000 steps for their own personal Walk for Water challenge, inspiring others to join in. 

"Our years of knowledge and the experience of local aid workers tell us, that when families have availability to clean, safe water, people’s lives can be transformed. 

"We will be working with local aid experts and communities to find the best solutions in each place where we work – whether it’s a well, a piped system or rain harvesting."

Every step taken over Lent’s 40 days has the power to truly transform lives.    

•                £33 could help to mend a community’s broken water pump    
•                £60 could buy a bike for a water mechanic so they can travel to mend a remote community’s water pump    
•                £750 could buy a water supply for an entire community