Maryvale Institute is pleased to announce that a new course Certificate in Leadership and Management has been added to its curriculum.

The course is offered in partnership with KYRA Education and Training which was founded in 2004 as an outreach of the Regeneration Office of the Archdiocese of Birmingham to provide training opportunities that would enable people to contribute to social and economic development.

Maryvale will draw on the expertise gained by KYRA over that period in the delivery of this new course.

“In every organisation there is a need to maximise the efficiency of operations and achievement of objectives in order to achieve customer or user satisfaction. Research has demonstrated that the most effective way to achieve success is through the way in which the most crucial resource, people, is used,” said Steve McCabe, Programme Director.

This course is purposely intended to assist students in appreciating the importance of developing their ability to think strategically, be inspiring and better understand the ways in which theories of leadership and management can be applied in their organisation.

“If you, or staff in your organisation require inspiration and motivation, as well as a boost in leadership skills and managerial competency, the Certificate Programme in Leadership and Management is a great way to achieve this,” added Steve.

Launching in October 2018, Certificate in Leadership and Management Skills in Socially-Orientated Organisations (CLMS) is a one year, part-time, distance-learning course offered through a combination of course books and online learning, and supported by four study days.

For more information, please visit the Maryvale Institute website here or email: [email protected]