by Marie Nee

The two high schools within The Painsley Catholic Academy, Cheadle-based Painsley Catholic College and Stafford-based Blessed William Howard, are delighted to have been awarded the Music Mark Award, which allows the schools membership of this organisation.

Music Mark is an organisation who lobbies for, and champions, a government-supported, high quality, music education provision for all school-aged children and young people which addresses diversity, equality and inclusion at its core.

Both schools were nominated by Entrust Music Service, the local music provider, due to the value that they place on music.

The schools’ latest music GCSE results were very impressive with a 100% pass rate and 78% ‘good passes’ (at the top grades 7-9) at Painsley and 100% of passes at grade 5 and above for Blessed William Howard.

“Both schools have always placed great value on music. Not just as part of the curriculum, but also as an aspect that can enrich and add value to the school experience in a wider context,” said Head of Music at Painsley College, Hannah Bennett.

Photo Caption – Music teachers Miss Bennett and Mrs Reardon-Davies with some of the many students at Painsley Catholic College who enjoy taking part in music.