Maryvale House is a place of pilgrimage and devotion as well as an educational centre, and the focus of that devotion is the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Maryvale traces its origins back to the 10th Century and Oscote Chapel.

Bishop John Milner - deep devotion to the Sacred Heart

The story of Maryvale’s link with the Sacred Heart begins with Bishop John Milner who became Vicar Apostolic of the Midland District in 1803. He had a deep devotion to the Sacred Heart and when he enlarged the main chapel of the seminary, he built above the sacristy a small chapel in the Gothic style which became the first public shrine of the Sacred Heart in the British Isles.

In 1814 Bishop Milner brought back from Rome a small panel of painted glass showing the Sacred Heart of Jesus as described by St. Gertrude; he set the panel in a window of the shrine and from that time onwards devotion to the Sacred Heart has been a key part of Maryvale’s life of faith and prayer.

“In the Eucharist, the Heart of Jesus beats for us still.”

St John Henry Newman, who founded the Oratory at Maryvale in 1848 said: “In the Eucharist, the Heart of Jesus beats for us still.”

The Sisters of Mercy - continuing devotion

The Sisters of Mercy kept Devotion to the Sacred Heart going when they came to live at Maryvale in 1851 and started the practice of keeping a “Perpetual Lamp” burning in the Chapel.

The link between Maryvale (Old Seminary) and Oscott College has continued over the years with students and staff coming to Maryvale Institute and visiting the Chapel and the Shrine of Sacred Heart.

When Fr Daniel McHugh came in June 1980 to start the new Maryvale Institute, the Sisters of Mercy schooled him in the importance of the Shrine to the people in the area and beyond.

Sisters of St Paul the Apostle

He was fortunate that the Sisters of St Paul the Apostle joined him in August as the Sisters of Mercy departed. One of them, Sister Philomena, took on looking after the Shrine.

Father McHugh began the public First Friday Masses and in 1981 the Novena of Masses leading up to the Feast, together with a Procession of the Blessed Sacrament on the Sunday after the Feast.

Bridgettine Sisters, a World Day of Prayer and our Novena of Masses

Coming to Maryvale in 1999, the Bridgettine Sisters continued to promote the Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. And it is wonderful to see that the Feast of the Sacred Heart has now become the Annual World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests (2007).

This Year 2023, the Novena of Masses is celebrated by Bishop David Evans (Thursday 8th June) and 8 other priests leading up to the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, Friday 16th June.

Friday 16 June Mass: Watch Live

For further information contact Mgr Daniel McHugh, mobile: 07812 110640 or Father Andrew McCann, M: 07527 537 075.