Watch the Thanksgiving Mass for Marriage via the St Chad's Cathedral live stream

The Mass is now at full capacity so please join online.

It will take place on Saturday 9 October 2021 at 12noon, celebrated by Bishop David Evans.

All couples celebrating a milestone anniversary, from their 1st and every five years up to 60 years, as well as every married year over 60, will be listed in the commemorative Mass booklet.

Lianne Pap, diocesan Marriage and Family Life Co-ordinator, is once again organising the celebration.

“Unlike last year when the Mass was celebrated virtually, this year we are able to gather in person,” said Lianne.

“For many couples celebrating their milestone anniversary earlier in 2021 restrictions limited their plans to mark the special occasion. The annual Mass will provide the opportunity for families to come together and give thanks to those who bear witness to the Sacrament of Marriage.

“The Mass is open not just to married couples but to all those who are preparing for marriage.

“It provides the opportunity for engaged couples to see the richness of the vocation they are preparing for and seek the wisdom from those who have been married for many decades.”

During the Mass married couples will be invited to make the Renewal of Commitment.

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