Registration has opened for It's a Knockout @ Home.

Every summer term, youth groups from across the diocese gather together for a competition.

Youth groups go head-to-head to complete a series of challenges, earning points and using their teamwork to win the It's a Knockout trophy.

This year, It's a Knockout is being held '@home'. Instead of coming together for a weekend of challenges, tasks will be completed by contestants, who will submit photo/video footage of their efforts.

There are a range of tasks to be completed, each one earning points for the contestant's youth group or for the individual contestant.

All skills and abilities will be tested throughout the tasks, evidence will be submitted, and the Kenelm Mission Team will judge the evidence to decide who this year's winner will be!

Important Dates:
Registration is open NOW!
Submissions of evidence for completed tasks ends on June 28th.
Winners will be announced on July 5th.

It's a Knockout